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What is Think of it this way; not long ago the most trusted information source and regional marketing platform for business was the local newspaper, as an old newspaper guy said, nothing in business happened with out the newspaper. It was where everyone went to find everything, to be connected! Those days are gone, the Net and Social Networking are replacing newspapers as the "go to" source; but is your business really connected? MSPinfo using rewards and social networking helps you expand and grow your customer base through existing customers and people they know and we reward them for doing that. For you it means more customer interaction and sales, like a digital Off Ramp from the Information Super Highway to your business.

You're thinking this MSP thing is hi-tech, the internet is complicated. I don't know these people. I'm doing OK without an Internet strategy. Really, it's time to get connected!
Your MSPinfo Rep gets IT!, while your rep may not know everything about SQL, PHP, SEO and all the other alphabet soup "net stuff", your rep does know how to get the techy, organizational, creative "stuff" done for you. They'll get the images done, copy written, help sort out data and up-load it all to the server and explain how MSPinfo works too. All the big search engines work in about the same way, looking for keys that lead them to the searched items. MSP uses that to get the "stuff" you do and sell in front of those people searching for that "stuff", even if you don't have a web site. Now that's SMART!

We're not really going to send you bags of cash but the rewards are real; gift cards for I Tunes or Target or a place you really want to go, or a great offer for a restaurant you've wanted to try, real discounts when you visit a local merchant for the first time, and you get an website for free that helps you keep track of your rewards or share your good fortune with friends. Privacy? We get that too! When your fed up with the lack of privacy on those other social sites remember MSPinfo lets you decide how everthing you post on your MSP Notebook Pages are seen with four privacy settings for each page so you know who sees your stuff! We also recognise that your data and your pictures are YOURS and your personal information is NEVER SHARED with "Trusted Partners"!